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A new children’s all-time favorite. Soon enough, Flapalot will be in every child’s library—just where it belongs.” 

— Grace Maier, publisher & editor-in-chief, L’Officel Lichtenstein & theMagazine

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Flapalot is no ordinary dragon!
While he does like to flap a lot, there is one thing he can’t do:
He can’t breathe fire!
Instead he breathes bubbles. That’s right: bubbly bubbles!
Flapalot fears being laughed at by fiery dragons for being different. So, he keeps his bubbles a secret and feels very lonely. 
When the Mushroom Forest falls under a curse, Flapalot has to help!
But what can one bubble-blowing dragon do?

Join Flapalot in this colorful, bubbly adventure, in which he learns about the magic of being yourself.


Stay tuned for more Emerald Kingdom tales!

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Age 3-8 and for everyone who loves the magical!

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