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  •  "Young readers will love the story's extraordinary characters, including trolls, dwarfs, and dragons. They will be thrilled by the activities and the places in the Emerald Kingdom that Trolly encounters when strolling along on her adventures." — Readers' Favorite, 5 Stars *****

    “Highly recommended! A beautiful story with an important message for all of us.”—

Maximilian Strepp, Ambassador, PowerOneForOne Foundation

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Trolly is a very selfish troll. She thinks of “me, me, me” and nothing else!
One day, she finds a magic wand with the power to grant her anything she wants. From now on, Troll surely will be the happiest troll in Crumble Cave.
Won’t she?

Join Trolly on an enchanting tale as she learns the magic of kindness.

Stay tuned for more Emerald Kingdom tales!

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Age 3-8 and for everyone who loves the magical!

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