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How to Solve the Mystery of Crying


One day a super space storm destroyed my bright-purple garden. It was a nightmare! And you know what? Even after the rain had stopped, liquid just kept on drip-drop dripping out of my laser-eyes. I worried I was going to rust. But no-bot-ty knew how to make the liquid stop. So I jumped on my scooter and vroom-vroomed off to Earth, hoping to solve this complete mystery. 


Join Novo in this heartwarming adventure as he discovers the tears we make and how they can help us heal.

AGES 3 - 8

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“Charly Froh… knows how important it is to fill the story with fun, fun, FUN! And, although there ́s a message, it ́s hidden within a skilfully plotted adventure. Not only that, there ́s humour too; lot ́s of it…"

— The Wishing Shelf, 5 Stars *****

“A fantastically fun, space adventure! A FINALIST and highly recommended.”

 —The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“I wish I had Novo as a child growing up!”

 —Alexander Jilla, cofounder, Project Healthy Minds

“This educative and highly useful book will help children understand and be able to articulate their emotions.”

 —Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars *****

“Brightly illustrated, sweetly written and packed full of adventure, children will love it —particularly if they like very cute robots!”

 —The Wishing Shelf, 5 Stars *****

“This charming children's book is incredibly sweet from front to back...I believe this would make an excellent addition to any reader's library…”

 —Literary Titan, 5 Stars *****

”…Novo is a sweet and adorable character…The book deals with a complex topic in a really simple, engaging and age-appropriate way, and will encourage young readers to share and discuss their thoughts and feelings with others.”

 — Readers’ Choice Book Awards, 5 Stars ***** & Finalist

“…children will have fun reading every page.”

 —Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars *****

" I recommend this book as a tool to help children understand why we cry. Children from about 3 years old will enjoy this imaginative tale." 

LoveReading4Kids, Indie Books We Love

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